address- Duggada, Lansdowne

Alpine Tents

Alpine Tents

What makes it unique:

We believe that experiencing the concept of minimalism, being pro nature and limiting material influences in our daily lives is crucial in bringing together the realms of body and mind. In such pursuit, it becomes important to unwind our everyday social circles and rediscover our own pace of life.

Our philosophy at Camp Advait believes in co-existing with nature, its creations and to bring those experiences at the forefront of camping. If your mind seeks slowness of the mountains, whispers of the forests and turbulence of a river, camping with us is possibly a good way to begin your journey.

What to expect:
  • Experience mindfulness. Reconnect with the sounds and vibrations of nature.
  • Outdoor camping amidst a Guava orchard.
  • Walking distance from a river, forest and hills. Believe us when we say that.

Suitable for: Individual backpackers, couples and small groups.

Duration: You decide how long to camp.

Preferred period: Year round.

Cost Inclusions:

  • 10*10 alpine tent. Suitable for two people.