address- Duggada, Lansdowne

Do’s and Don’ts

Dos and Don'ts

Checklist of essentials to bring along (includes those for forest hiking*):

• Personal Apparels
• Slippers
• Swimming gear
• Sneakers/ Running Shoes
• Small Torch
• Water Bottle
• Toiletries for personal use
• Sunshade/ Cap
• Raincoat
• Personal medication (if required)
• Insect Repellent
• Energisers (if required)
• Sanitary Pads (if required)

*Kindly discuss with camp staff for final approval.

Do’s and Don’ts:
The following rules are strictly followed by the Camp Management. Actions are liable to be taken against those who are seen to not follow the mentioned points:

1) We strictly advise visitors to not bring edible items which come in Plastic covers/ bags since it becomes difficult for us to dispose it off later. Rather, we urge to kindly take it back and not litter nearby our premises. Since, certain products are essential and cannot be avoided, given below is a list of items that are allowed in the camp site:
a) Medicine packets. b) Sanitary Pads. c) Ointment. d) Any recyclable plastic bag.

2) Visitors are advised to not shout, make noise or play loud music between 11 PM to 7 AM as we are located near the forests.

3) Food will be served in the dining hall only. Visitors are strictly advised to not take the meals to their respective tents.

4) Any damage done to the camp property with respect to tents, flowerbeds, infrastructure etc. will be charged in cash.

5) Consumption of Cigarette and Liquor is strictly prohibited inside the tent. Those who are caught will be fined Rs.1500/-

6) Visitors are advised to use dustbins which are located outside of every tent and help us in keeping the environment clean. Those who caught littering will be fined Rs 1000/- Cigarette butts to be thrown in dustbins only.

7) Guests are advised to not roam alone at night near the river side or near camp premises.

8) Guests are advised to zip their tents properly so as to prevent any form of insects enter inside.

9) We strictly advise visitors to not feed any leftover to our dogs as proper food arrangement has already been done for them. Kindly treat them as family.

The management is promoting more eco-friendly activities amidst staff and visitors. Any recommendations/ suggests/ comments will be highly appreciated.

We thank our visitors for taking our pointers into consideration. We wish for a memorable stay at our campsite.